Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal candidate for plastic surgery?

The ideal plastic surgery candidate is someone who recognizes the limitations of medical science and technology, and as such, has realistic expectations regarding the results they expect to get from their visit to a plastic surgery clinic. The decision to undergo any procedure or treatment should be entirely their own, reached without any extraneous influence or peer pressure.

Are initial consultations mandatory?

Your initial consultation with Dr Michos is the first step towards answering any questions you might have regarding plastic surgery; following the initial evaluation the doctor can asses your  status and make the best suggestions regarding the possible procedures/ treatments that will best fit your needs. Therefore, it is a very necessary step in the process as it will help define your desires and expectations, allowing for the doctor to present you with the relevant options at your disposal.

What does the initial consultation entail?

First off, you will meet with Dr. Michos and discuss the reasons for your visit. A part of this discussion will be an extensive recording of your full medical history, followed by a full clinical examination by the doctor. Once those two steps are completed, Dr Michos will present you with the various options available to you, based on your needs/ wants and medical history/ clinical status. At this point, the doctor will also answer any further questions that you may have, regarding the proposed procedures/ treatments, in order for you to have all the necessary information to make an informed and clear decision.

What happens if i still have questions after the first visit?

You can always contact the clinic after your initial consultation, either via email to ask your questions directly to the doctor, via phone to request a second meeting with Dr. Michos or to speak with him directly to clear up any additional questions you may have. It is important to us that all your questions are answered as clearly and as fully as possible.

Do I need to schedule a surgery at my 1st visit?

Deciding whether you should schedule a procedure or treatment should be your own decision. You can schedule your appointment for surgery at a later stage, whenever you feel comfortable.

Do I have to be photographed?

Creating a photographic record is an integral part of your medical record, as it allows both for a more comprehensive preoperative documentation, as well as allowing Dr. Michos to better monitor your condition through-out the various stages of your treatment. You will required to sign a consent form stating that you allow the clinic to maintain these images in your medical record and/ or to be used for training and research purposes. None of these images will ever appear on any Perfectum outlet (website, social media or other) nor will they appear in any other medium without your express written permission. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

Can I be accompanied by a friend or a member of my family during my consultation?

Of course, you can bring a friend, a member of your family or any other person you need for support during your consultation. However, as mentioned earlier, the final decision about your treatment should be made by you, the patient, and no one else.

Please note: the number of allowed visitors per appointment is limited to 1, in accordance with COVID 19 official restrictions and guidelines.

What should I do before a plastic surgery procedure?

Before any plastic surgery procedure you can take most of your normal daily medications up until surgery day. It is best to avoid any blood thinners including NSAIDs for approximatelyy one week before surgery if possible. Following your surgery you will require assistance getting home, as you should avoid driving or exerting yourself, but in most cases you should be able to perform all your daily activities on your own later the same day. Again, all these questions will be addressed by Dr Michos in detail pre-op.

How long will my recovery last and what level of pain should be expected?

As Dr. Michos will explain over the course of your consultation, every patient and every procedure is unique. Your recovery plan will be discussed at your pre-op consultation and all necessary instructions will be provided to you in detail, both before and after your procedure. As each patient experiences pain differently and, as such, has different levels of pain tolerance, post-op pain can be different for different people. Dr Michos will prescribe the appropriate pain medications to minimize any discomfort. As a rule of thumb most facial cosmetic operations have minimal post-operative discomfort. Liposuction can be slightly more uncomfortable as well as operations that require elevation or tightening of the muscles - such as abdominoplasty or breast augmentation - can cause discomfort comparable to a C-section.

Will I meet with Dr. Michos after my surgery?

Dr. Michos will visit you in your room after the surgery. When you are discharged you will receive details for your next visit to the clinic.

What happens in case of a complication or questions I may have?

You will be given written a full list of all possible complications you may experience after the surgery. If you have any questions during your recovery we urge you to contact Dr. Michos immediately.

Where does Dr. Michos perform surgery?

As an associate in a number of clinics, Dr. Michos can recommend a number of choices. Minor surgeries can be performed in our in-office operating room at Perfectum Aesthetics.

Can I choose the type of anaesthesia?

Dr. Michos and the anaesthesiologist will choose the appropriate type of anaesthesia for your case.

When can I return to regular exercise after a plastic surgery procedure?

Following any plastic surgery procedure, you can return to normal daily activities (showering, walking, cooking, etc) right away. Generally speaking, a patient is cleared to return to light physical activity/ exercise approximately 1 to 2 weeks following the procedure. Typically, you can return to normal exercise with no little to no restrictions at 6 to 8 weeks post surgery, however that time-frame can vary, depending on the exact nature of your surgery. Remember, as we mentioned earlier, each body is different, each patient is different and as such each case is treated individually.

How many days of inpatient care are needed after plastic surgery?

In most cases of plastic surgery, the patient is discharged the same or the following day. In case of a more extended procedure or complications may arise, it might be necessary for the patient to remain in care for a few more days.

How do I know what breast implant size is right for me?

This decision is based on a multitude of factors, including the patient's desires, the reasons for the surgery and their overall health. For example, a breast implant operation may be the result of the patient feeling that their overall body contour would benefit from larger breasts, or that following a pregnancy/ breastfeeding or major weight loss, they feel that the size and firmness of heir breasts could be improved. Another possible factor could be naturally occurring differences unevenness between the two breasts. Tking into consideration all of the above Dr Michos will help you make the right decision, over the course of your pre-surgical appointment(s).

Is there anything the patient can do in order to minimize swelling or bruising?

Yes. Depending on the particular procedure, sleeping in a reclining (i.e. not 100% horizontal) position for one week following surgery, may help in minimizing the collection of fluids in the face and eyelids.

Dr Michos can also provide the patient with detailed instructions about making and administering cold/ warm compresses, if this treatment is deemed necessary; the cold/warm compresses are very helpful in reducing both bruising and swelling, but also promote and facilitate the natural healing process.

What can be done in cases where the patient is unhappy with previous cosmetic surgery?

As a a board-certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Michos is ideally suited to help you evaluate what the options are and which of the many revision procedures available is best suited to address the less-than-satisfying results of past procedures. All this can be discussed at length over a private consultation session.

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